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Enjoy a holistic spa facial... 

it's a head-to-toe pampering experience including luxurious cleansing, steaming, gentle massage of face and neck, detoxifying masque treatment, skin-nourishing serums and even more individualized techniques and ingredients for a delightful session with visible good results.

All products used are from environmentally-aware sources that do not permit animal testing of their products or ingredients.  
We use carefully selected natural and organic products that deliver results you will love.

Ultimate Eyebrow Shaping
Gentle, expert tweezing and trimming, refining the natural shape of your brows. You recline as we work our artistry under the magnifying lamp to create brows you love!....$30 & up

Brow Touch-Up.... $20
Touch up w/facial...$10 -$15

Lip /Chin/Face Maintenance
trimming, tweezing...
$20 & up
With facial.... $10 and up

'Get Glowing'
Mineral makeup lesson
....1 hr./$35

'Lift & Tone'
facial exercise lesson.
....30 min/$20
Full Therapeutic Massage and Reflexology with Martin Brossman, LMBT  
NC License # 00526                  
$65.00 / hr.


Organic & Natural Facial Services

Customized for Your Skin Type

Choose from our menu of focused therapeutic facials
or let us create a personalized facial in harmony
with your skin’s special needs.

Featuring the skin care lines of Osmosis and De La Terre


Organic Renewal - a relaxing anti-aging facial

Restore your skin’s healthy texture and vitality with this energetically organic facial featuring therapeutic botanicals from De La Terre. Nutritious Herb Rich Serum delivers Omega 3-6-9 essential fatty acids to help your skin repair itself, while Herb Rich Mist balances and restores moisture. A masque of Herb Rich Clay with bamboo and rosehips strengthens capillaries, reduces inflammation, and works to diminish sun damage and hyper-pigmentation. This holistic spa facial includes face, neck and shoulder massage plus relaxing hand or foot conditioning.
▪ Especially suited for over-40 faces
▪ A series is recommended for reducing hyperpigmentation
$65 / approx.75 minutes

Clear Skin - a purifying facial

Deep cleansing, balancing and healing are the objectives of this purifying facial treatment customized for your specific needs. We apply De La Terre’s organic botanicals to balance oily skin and help clear clogged pores. A naturally disinfecting clay masque with lavender and ashwagandha gently draws out impurities and toxins.
▪ Suitable for oily, clogged and mildly-blemished skin
▪ Basic extractions are included; excessive extractions require additional time and charge.
$65 / approx.75 minutes

Quick Lift
- express treatment or add-on

See visible toning results for face and neckline with the combined energy of pure recharging serums and infrared LED light. Red LED (Light Emitting Diode) application raises fibroblast activity in the skin, increasing production of collagen and elastin.
as an express treatment: about 25 minutes/$20

add-on with facial: $10-$15/& up depending on time

The Smoothie -  microdermabrasion alternative

Our ultrasonic treatment gives excellent exfoliation results without inflaming or thinning the skin. This non-abrasive resurfacing is aided by an enzymatic masque that dissolves dead cells with natural fruit acids. Your skin will be radiant, able to be deeply nourished by our nutrient rich serums. Sun-reflective moisture is the finishing touch.
as an express facial:  about 40 minutes/$45
add-on with facial:  about 15 minutes/$20